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BikeRack&Travel (BR&T)
...your source for amazing recreational bike riding and more

Why just ride local when you can mix both travel & cycling.  Why limit yourself when there are so many amazing cities and destinations for bike riding?  Why not get the most out of your bike riding experience?  All you need is a bike, a bike rack, and a reason to ride.

Get the most out of your bike riding experience with an exciting mix of road trips and travel destination options.  BikeRack&Travel is the premier recreational bike riding travel group in the DC/MD/VA area.  Our schedule, can be your schedule, full of amazing dedicated trails, locations, events, tours, and challenges for those in search of more than just ownership. Each fun fitness getaway offers carefully chosen rides and routes (moderate/mostly flat) with 10 to 30 mile straights & loops to satisfy both the novice and the advanced rider. 

All locations and trails chosen are dedicated paved hardtop greenway bike trails (no highways, bus lanes, or mountain roads).  At each event, you can choose to ride as a group, or ride solo, on one of our planned tour routes.  After the ride, enjoy our hospitality tent or meetup dining venue to celebrate the day.  What bikes do we ride?  We ride performance bikes - road, fitness, hybrid/dual, and trail bikes - from Cannondale, Cervelo, Diamondback, Trek, Giant, Felt, Schwinn, and more.  


Don’t miss out on AnotherRideDay.  Mix both travel and cycling to expand your bike riding experience with BikeRack&Travel.  Never again wonder where to go, or what to do.  Email for interest.  

ARD | BR&T Road Trip Series: 

Tampa | Washington DC (DC/MD/VA) | Chicago | Niagara Falls | Montreal/Ottawa | San Diego (fly-in)

Event Fee $300/Day (non member)

Travel, Transportation, and Hotel, not included

ARD | BR&T Destination Tour: 

Puerto Rico | Mazatlan | Lima | Rio de Janeiro | Salvador Bahia | Barcelona/Valencia | Nice

Event Fee $450/Day (non member)

Travel, Transportation, and Hotel, not included

Cancellation and Transfer Policy - A non-refundable deposit of $60 for Road Trip Series | $150 for Destination Tour if you decide to cancel your trip (5 days prior to event), or instead transfer balance to another trip.

Membership info: 




"If riding my Peloton is for fitness, then riding with BikeRack&Travel is the reward.  I've done Miami, Tampa, Washington, DC, Niagara Falls and I can't wait to do more.  I love the trails, I love the events, and I love the locations."


​​"It was such a great experience riding on the Delaware Canal and Kent Island, from start to finish, I had so much fun…. can’t wait for the meet-up."


​"Riding with Bike Rack & Travel was amazing.  The route was so well planned out and organized.  I felt completely safe and comfortable and confident the entire ride." 

"BR&T knows how to host an event.  I love the setup… tents, cold drinks, and music was perfect. I had just as much fun after the ride as I did on the ride."


​"I never would have thought to ride my bike in another city or another country for travel.  And never knew other cities like San Diego and Denver, and other countries like Mexico and Canada, had such perfect trails for biking.  This has changed my bike riding experience forever."

"I was a little nervous traveling with my bike to Niagara Falls, but the road trip experience was so great that I’m already planning for the next event.  BikeRack&Travel is something you don’t want to miss out on."


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