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Thanks for your interest in becoming an ARD | RIDELIFE TEAM MSC (Motorcycle Motorsports Club) member.  AnotherRideDay is access to a motorcycle lifestyle for those ready to do more, see more, and experience more than just ownership. 

We RIDE more than anything else.  So if fast highways, twisty back roads, and mountain curves… is not your thing; if traveling to different cities and crossing borders… is not your thing; if road trips to rallies, races, and motorsports events… is not your thing; if meet-ups at sporting events, festivals, fairs, beaches, and amusement parks… is not your thing; then maybe RIDELIFE MSC is not your thing.

We are not a club that does bike nights and anniversary parties.  We are a motorcycle motorsports club that includes our motorcycles in all activities.  We ride modern high-performance motorcycles - sport, street, baggers, and power cruisers, and our ride schedule is filled with amazing rides and trips throughout the U.S., and into both Mexico and Canada.  We also offers transport & storage for even more amazing ride options and tours in the mid-west and west coast.  This is the lifestyle of a RIDELIFE TEAM MSC member.  Are you ready for AnotherRideDay?





Do what you can, where you can, when you can.  There will always be AnotherRideDay for some serious miles and memories.  Our ride schedule stays filled with both week night activies and weekends rides, in addition to, our annual trips and tours.  We include our motorcycles in all activities, so you never miss out as a member.


The motorcycle should never be the problem – “It’s always the rider’s fear, fault, skill, and decision making ability.”  We ride with extreme confidence and awareness on our high performance sport bikes, street bikes, adventure, baggers, and power cruisers (948cc to 2500cc), and we are always working to advance our riding skills.  Many of our members have multiple motorcycles – we encourage it.  This is the lifestyle we chose. 


Membership is $2,500/yr with a $250 initiation fee.  The membership dues and fees offer stability, consistency, growth, and services of ARD | RIDELIFE.  We don't require fundraisers or sell tickets for funding, and we don't pay chapter fees.  Sponsorship benefits and partnership discounts are shared, and services & participation extends to all family members & clients. 

The initiation fee must be paid in-person.  Additional costs (such as, vehicle registration, insurance, repairs, and healthcare; tickets, tolls, & parking fines, along with, resorts & hotels, food & gas, gear & clothing) are each rider’s responsibility to bear. 


Riders may be required to participate in one or more invitational rides (up to 300 miles of private 1-to-1 or 2-to-1 riding) with a member(s), to display their health, fitness, ride handing skills, caution, and confidence.  Once accepted, you can choose to ride as a group, or solo, on any planned ARD | RIDELIFE rides, activities, and events.  We don’t babysit, but we do use check points and location sharing for tracking, safety, and security.


The purpose of ARD | RIDELIFE TEAM MSC  is to expand the experience of motorcycle riding.  Our mission is to offer the best riding experience(s), outside of racing.  We see modern motorcycle riding as an active recreational lifestyle for those ready to do more, see more and experience more than just ownership.  So ask yourself, “Do I Want More”,  and "Am I Ready to  Do What Others Only Dream Of?"

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