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Welcome to ARD | WavesAway Boating Club

Thanks for your interest in becoming an ARD | WavesAway Boating Club Member.  We are proud to be your source for amazing recreational boating and fishing.  ARD | WavesAway is access to a lifestyle for those looking monthly events to get the most out of their boating and fishing experience.  We EXPLORE more than anything else.  So if cruising the regional waterways from harbor to harbor… is not your thing; if trips to exciting open bays, canals, and shorelines… is not your thing; if journeys into rivers and creeks... is not your thing; then maybe ARD | WavesAway Club is not your thing.

We are not a meetup group, marina, or a tournament group, we are a recreational boat and fishing club that includes our boats in all activities.  We only ride modern outboard engine boats – cuddy, center console, bass, skiff, tiller, jon boats, and more.  We host monthly events as part of our annual BOATESCAPES and NEWHOOKS Tour Series for both club members and registered guests throughout the MD/DC/VA/DE/NJ region.  We also end our season with an annual Ride & Retreat Destination Tour held in the Tampa, Florida.  This is the lifestyle of a ARD | WavesAway club member.  Are you ready for AnotherRideDay?

ARD | WavesAway

Boating & Fishing Club




Do what you can, where you can, when you can.  There will always be AnotherRideDay for some serious miles and memories.  In addition to our annual trips and tours, our schedule will also include routine harbor meet-ups, Island escapes, and river cruise runs for even more waterway experiences.  Each event is as amzing as the next, so you'll never feel as though you missed out on a great experience.


We ride with confidence on our high performance outboard engine boats - center consoles, bays, skiffs, tillers and jon boats, but are always working to advance our boating and fishing skills.  Many of our members have multiple boats, big and small – we encourage it.  It is the lifestyle we chose.  However, the best effort may not be enough if your boat or equipment is in poor condition.


Membership is $2500/yr with a $250 initiation fee.  The membership dues and fees offer stability, consistency, growth, and services of ARD | WavesAway Boating Club.  We don't require fundraisers or sell tickets for funding, and we don't pay chapter fees.  Sponsorship benefits and partnership discounts are shared, and services & participation extends to all family members & clients. 

The initiation fee must be paid in-person.  Additional costs (such as, vehicle/boat registration, license fees, insurance, repairs, and healthcare; tickets, tolls, parking and dock fines, along with, resorts & hotels, food & gas, gear & clothing) are each members responsibility to bear. 


Boaters and Anglers may be required to venture out up to 90 minutes of private 1-on-1 time with a member (over 2 or more scheduled events), to display their health, fitness, boat handing skills, caution, and confidence.  Once accepted, you can choose to boat and fish as a group, or journey off solo, on any planned Activities & Tour events.  We don’t babysit, but we do use check points and location sharing for tracking, safety, and security.


The purpose of ARD | WavesAway Boating Club is to expand the experience of boating & fishing.  Our mission is to offer the best experience(s), outside of racing & sport fishing.  We see both boating and fishing as an active recreational lifestyle for those ready to do more, see more and experience more than just ownership.  So ask yourself,  “Do I Want More?

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