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About ARD

Welcome to

  There are owners; enthusiasts, and tourists who experience a little, then there's active Recreational Travelers who experience it all.  Discover what it means to be an active RecreationalTraveler - one who travels for their activities to get the best ride experience(s), outside of racing.


AnotherRideDay (ARD) is access to a lifestyle for those ready to do more, see more, and experience more than just ownership.  Never again wonder where to ride, what to do, and who to do it with.  Our schedule, can be your schedule, full of amazing rides, locations, events, tours, and challenges to choose from, but ARD  is no longer just about motorcycles.  Our toys and tours are growing to include performance bicycles, outboard engine boats, modern sailing yachts, and modern firearms.

   Sign up for any of our activities, services, and tours, or request to join as an official ARD | Team Member for full access to do what others only dream of.

Letter from the founder

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For me, the worst thing you can do is not deliver on a promise. I started by promising to do more, see more, and experience more than just ownership, and finished by creating a blueprint for my children, members, and others to follow. 

AnotherRideDay (ARD) is a reflection of that lifestyle and a commitment to priorities active recreational travel and activities for a rewarding life, beyond work and family.  

Our members no longer dream, plan, and wish; We select, choose, and prepare for the next ride, next adventure, next challenge, next journey, and next activity.  If you’re ready to make that promise to yourself, then AnotherRideDay may be for you.



C. Cook, M.A.

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